Saturday Night at RiverRoll- CFN goes rollerskating

Crossfit Northland went rollerskating last night. There was the dicey chance Drew and I were going to miss out but we got unstuck from the childcare dilemma and put our skating socks on.

No, the place was not rented out. Yes, the ordinary Saturday night crowd of middle schoolers was in attendance. Sure, a few of the parents dropping their kids off wondered why so many adults in their 20’s and 30’s were lined up so early. Of course Drew and James ran into an Oak Park alum- those people are absolutely everywhere and do a pretty good job of remembering each other! Indeed, there was conversation happening in the line that sounded like: “Well, I know I’ve skated in the last 10 years at least”, “I’m way better on ice skates”, “If only I could wear roller blades instead” “No way, I want the stability of 4 wheels on the ground”. Impressively, some adults at our gym are rock star roller skaters! Andrea set the one lap record at 15 seconds and could only explain her success by saying, “It’s in my childhood blood” (Which raises a great question for everyone- what is in your childhood blood that you should be unlocking in adulthood!?!) Disappointingly,  the DJ would not let us play any games. When Samantha and I skated over to request the Hokie-Pokie, Limbo, and/or the 4 corner dice game- he said he didn’t think he would play them because there were so many adults in attendance. We tried to make him understand, we were the adults and we would have most definitely been down for games. He persisted with the trendy pop dance songs- that must be what adults are into.  Not-so-surprisingly, some people made up their own games with typical Crossfit competitive and athletic components- racing round the rink. By the end of the skate session, everyone was sweaty, most were assessing possible blister rub areas on feet sick of being smashed in skates, and the party was far from over- to Parkville for drinks. Off we go!


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