Weeds and Winning

Today the weather outside is my favorite. Crisp, cool, sunny, no wind- a 55 degree morning that will evolve smoothly and generously into a humidity-free 72 degree afternoon. Ahhhhh. Missouri- sometimes you really do yourself proud.

Also- bountiful beauty is in full bloom in my front yard. I'm gonna knock you out beautyThese are “knockout roses” (I’m pretty sure that’s their name in common people plant vernacular) and they generate all of that beauty on their very own. No watering, no new soil, in spite of the van almost running them over on the days I back out too crookedly and quickly, and without thought, care or attention on my part. The plants I so carefully tend to and procure with money, time, and attention are the wee ones barely poking their green/bud-less heads above the pot in the back of the photo. The roses are a gift- a spring blessing that come just because, and make me grateful every day just to be here, now.

Today I’m heading to a good friend’s house to help her manage the weeds that so enjoy complete take- overs of her enormous flower beds. She lives on multiple acres of land and has oodles to do in the ways of tending, mowing, weeding, planting, wild animal impeding, and swimming pool maintenance. She is generous enough to let me work for her at my convenience to help with miscellaneous yard work. It’s too beautiful of a day today not to go pull weeds for a friend. Said friend also lets my kids and I frolic about in her backyard pool all summer- weed combat is the least I can do for her.

The day continues to get better and its only 10am! Drew just texted me to let me know he renewed the license plates for our van ONLINE. Instead of having to drive to the DMV and wait in unpleasant lines, he took care of it at his desk in 2 minutes. All for a $1 on-line processing fee. Hopefully this news helps you win your next DMV encounter.

Another gas saving, van mileage reducing win came as my good friend Carol called to say she’d take the kids to preschool today- saving me 50 minutes round trip. They were excited for the change of pace and I was grateful. We sat by the roses as we waited for the blue-VW bug-blessing to arrive- again, Ahhhhhhh.

Only one thing remains- termites! They continue to swarm inside our basement. Please termite guy, call me back today with good news that you’ll come treat one more powerfully fatal time! Otherwise, I guess I’ll just spend more time outside, with the roses and the sunshine and get over it.




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