I’m being interviewed!

It has been awhile since I last wrote. Indeed as you might imagine,  my blog has fallen into the pit that is overwhelming newness and frantic pace, as well as the occasional slow minute of joy and simplicity, that is the new life we live with 3 kids and a fall work/school schedule! I believe I’ll be back up and running with a faithful Monday writing rhythm soon.

However, I am excited to share a process I’ve been walking through these last few weeks as the blog has been so quiet. I have been part of a blogging interview with my aunt who has recently authored a book. I’m glad she asked me to share about my identity formation in the recent past and appreciate the powerful insights and knowledge I gained from reading her book last year.

Look for the posting of the interview on Wednesday. Here is a brief intro of Tamara and the book.


Tamara Buchan has many different identities: wife, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, pastor, neighbor, author, but she has found that her true identity comes from a place of being adopted by a loving Father into his family and discovering that she lives in a royal household where she is being taught to reign.

She has written a book called “Identity Crisis: Reclaim the True You” because she believe it’s imperative for us to realize humanity has been in an identity crisis since the Garden of Eden. The thief stole Adam and Eve’s identity; and his tactic hasn’t changed.  When we begin to reclaim the true identity God gives us, we step into a more fulfilling, peaceful life which leads us into the unique destiny God designed for us. 


Interested:  go to www.reclaimthetrueyou.com to “claim” your copy today!

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