Crossfit- 2 years!

It’s a fall of anniversaries. I wrote a few weeks ago about 11 years of YL staff, the milestone of Andi’s kindergarten initiation, and in a few short weeks, I will attempt to capture the essence of all that is Oakley’s 1st birthday! Time flies, ticks away, and marches on indeed.

Saturday night was a great anniversary evening- a celebration of the 2 year life of Crossfit Northland (CFN). I’m humbled to have been a part of the CFN story for about 28 months- joining the early crowd of wandering WOD-ers who boot-camped around Northland parks, tracks, and spare rooms until the gym officially opened in September of (7)

I spent most of 2012 pregnant and the gym grew up and out of it’s space as well just after the 1st anniversary/birthday celebration. When the gym moved to its present location near the airport (7900 NW 100th St  Kansas City, MO 64153), I had a 3-month-old baby and some catching up to do. Regular strength components were added to the gym agenda as well as more classes, additional equipment, and new members. For all of its first 20 months, CFN offered a comprehensive class schedule of challenging workouts under the leadership of 3 committed coaches! Brian, Dustin, and Manny carried a huge coaching load on top of their full time jobs and families.

I was invited to consider joining the coaching staff in the Spring of 2013 and was excited and humbled to receive my Level 1 Certificate, alongside my brother-in-law James and gym friend Nathan, on April 28th. This week I’ll coach my 50th class (yes I’ve been counting!) and celebrate the milestones not only I’ve been able to reach (whew! finally pushed past a 135 back squat!) but milestones and threshold breakthroughs of clients and members I’m privileged and honored to lead as a coach.

Crossfit has taken off and grown exponentially around the country and world in the past few years. Carrying with it certain stereotypes, like all brands, Crossfit is the deserving recipient of praise and criticism from inside it’s ranks and the wider public.

Crossfit is not best for everyone, is not the only way to get an effective workout, and is not the sole owner of excellence in fitness. Crossfit is expensive, involves risks, and can be consumingly competitive. There are role models and villains who do Crossfit and plenty of loud voices, tattoos, and athlete body enhancements that happen because of surgery instead of sweat.

While I fully admit all it’s flaws, I heartily celebrate and endorse it’s strengths.

Crossfit is the best and most effective way for me to work out. Crossfit has offered me benefits far outweighing the risks. Through Crossfit, I have received: strength, health of body and mind, a healthy, strong pregnancy, delivery and a speedy recovery from baby #3, friendships, networking connections, caring child care assistance, increased wellness and nutritional accountability, the chance to encourage others and receive encouragement, and a job. Crossfit has exposed my weaknesses (coordination, agility, whatever it is that makes one able to do toes-to-bar…) and pushed me to get better. Crossfit has allowed me to exercise the body God has given me in ways it was meant to move.

The beauty of the core of Crossfit is not its novelty but in its integration. In staying simple, concrete, and connected as a whole, an athlete can be challenged to push the body past current levels of fitness while being safe and having fun!

By definition, Crossfit is “constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.” The body works as a connected whole in the most efficient and safe manner- Crossfit simply asks the body to move as it was built to move.

Having Oakley more mobile now provides a daily visual of the heart of Crossfit- he holds his lumbar curve as he sits completely photo (1)upright. His squat is low, loaded and easy. Beautifully, like all babies, he has developed from core (his large tummy, back, and chest muscles) to his extremities (now he’s figuring out the nuances of these legs, hands, fingers and feet).

Crossfit encourages all athletes to move any heavy load from core to extremity (engaging abs, glutes, and lumbar spine) before recruiting from small muscle groups (arms, wrists, hands etc..). Crossfit emphasizes “full range of motion” to ensure joints and muscles are extended, elongated, and explosive. Functional movements require that no muscles are used in isolation, and afford athletes the benefits of a safe, natural, and effective ability to move large loads over far distances, quickly. Most importantly, they are tied into what’s essential to living a long, healthy, and independent life.

Crossfit reminds me that my body is a gift, a tool, and must be ready for anything (grocery carrying, baby-producing, 7 year old chasing/racing, up and over something climbing, swimming/running/playing at any invitation, and much more!) anytime. I am much stronger, a little faster, and more in tune with how my body moves, what it needs, and how to ta

ke on a challenge mentally and psychically.

The expense of Crossfit is no chump change. Money spent showcases values and for Drew and me, Crossfit is well worth the financial investment. We pay about as much for our monthly membership as we do for our AT&T mobile phone plan. For the money every month, I get health and entertainment. I get less of me (hopefully the pounds go away and stay off!) and more of other people- CFN is a fun community of great people who challenge and care for each other.

photo (11)

Drew’s max height box jump last May- 48 inches!!!

Thank you Crossfit for the 2 years now and the health-ful, long life I’ll live from here on out! 

I boldy attempted and conquered the Santa Rosa Marines challenge- a 70 second flex hang in May!

I boldy attempted and conquered the Santa Rosa Marines challenge- a 70 second flex hang in May!


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