Loose Ends

Monday was our umpteenth snow day so I enjoyed a full day with kids at home and inside- we played “Bring me something thatis orange, you got for Christmas, you’d like to give away, is Daddy’s, you used when you were a baby…” scavenger hunt, ran a biathlon competition round the living room (with wood slat “skis” and “Nerf” guns obviously), watched Cool Runnings to keep the Olympics alive a bit longer, and enjoyed sibling togetherness. No blog composition however so I’m scribbling away now. And while I write, Oakley is keeping busy…the price my purse pays for a few moments of occupying my busy little bee…photo (27)

1. An update on the clunky and awkward platelet donation…

I went ahead and successfully gave platelets on Thursday, February 20th. It went really well despite my nerves and I was so glad I conquered my fears, embarrassment and hesitation, and was able to give something that cost me so little to someone who needs it so much.

Then…you’ll just never believe this. I got a call Monday, mid-lunch prep craziness, from a blood center guy saying my platelets were tested and shown to contain an atypical white blood cell antibody. Of no consequence to me, the existence of the antibody can cause harm to donation recipients- afflicting them with TRALI disease.

I am NEVER to give platelets again…whole blood, still fine. After all the questions, intents to give, wondering if it was worth it, re-giving and believing, “Yes! I’m in!“, turns out, I’m OUT.

Sometimes, plunging into something clunky and awkward, despite best intentions and pureness of heart, things are just not meant to be.

2. Per “tradition”, (this was year 2), Drew and I attended the AMC Oscar Showcase over the past two weekends. We saw all 9 Best Picture nominees and enjoyed  engaging story and sitting next to each other.

If I were to assign an overall theme to the lot of nominees this year it’d be “Slow(er) and Heavy”. FROM the dehumanization of humans as property, the debilitating havoc of a socially unacceptable sickness, the debauchery of a numbing obsession with money and power at the expense of everything else, and the devastation of losing what’s most precious to you without getting say, TO the illumination of our deep desire for real connection outside conventional definitions of reality, or in spite of false promises, the will to live and survive and encounter others and oneself in the guttural soul stripping environments of fear and near death, the journey of each movie illuminated the human spirit to keep going, to fight, to wake up and move.

My top 5: Philomena, Her, Dallas Buyer’s Club, 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips

3. We are in week 7 of the clean eating challenge at Crossfit Northland.

I’ve seen such great progress with people at the gym- weight loss, athletic improvement, muscle toning, increased energy and greater success on “goats”- movements with which one typically struggles. Personally, I’ve lost 3 lbs and not seen much increase in performance at the gym.

However, I feel successful and grateful for what the Challenge has given me in the form of increased discipline with food choices, greater variety in recipes, little to no cravings for desserts most days (this is a miracle!) and greater energy. Coincidence or clean eating- I haven’t had a sinus infection or any congestion to speak of all winter. Still deciding for myself and in negotiations with Drew on what to do after March 15th…on which morning we will be having donuts…that much is settled.



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