Jesus is OUT of the grave, My house is IN boxes!

I am a sucker for a great Lent and Easter season. There’s no better reason to celebrate than to mark the moment God’s redemptive power consumed even death and birthed the promise of new, restored, resurrected, and eternal life.  Love that surrenders wins the ultimate and always victory. He is Risen Indeed!

We littered this year’s Lenten season with contemporary and momentous movements. From the Crossfit Clean-Eats challenge, to work trips and tax season busyness, to listing, selling, and packing up our house and finding and buying a new one, about the only thing we truly fasted from this Lent was calm. And yet, we experienced Christ, soaked in the story with our kids, and stayed connected to our community.

Must keep this week’s post brief…the list is long, cabinets still sprinkled with stuff that needs boxed up, and the baby sure to wake soon.

In a few more prepositions, here the long and short of it right now:

-We move IN 4 days

-Andi had a fun birthday party Saturday. Party Perks:

  • OUT OF town Aunt E and Uncle Q were IN town to celebrate
  • master baker and talented decorator (who knew!?) Melissa Graves made a cake for Andi’s 6 years WITH 6 pink layers!
  • friends from school, neighborhood, and church mixed well and blessed our sweet birthday girl BEYOND expectations. photo 1 (4)

    Amazing cake inside and out for our Amazing Andi Girl

    Amazing cake inside and out for our Amazing Andi Girl

-Oakley’s favorite thing is to walk and run freely. Unfortunately, he falls DOWN  often…poor Boo is getting lots of boo-boos on that sweet, soft baby skin! This week, he’s running across our cul-de-sac…next week, he’ll be in our new fenced backyard! WOW! IMG_0419

photo (42)

Boxes of the kitchen contents

-Everything, LIKE everything, from our house INTO a box?! Oh my, so many. I’m pretty much down to the details, the awkward bottles of cleaning supplies, medicines, clothes, and junk drawer.

-It was completely worth the wait to let Oaks finish his 3 hour Easter nap and then join the egg hunt ALONG WITH his older siblings yesterday. He loved finding eggs! Also, he loved eating chocolate! Lucky day for this 1 year old!

Egg excitement!

Egg excitement!


– Eli is ever perceptive. Didn’t encourage any Easter bunny believing, keeps the moving day count- down in mind, and carries excitement in his body about what’s new while also mourning the loss of the house and neighbors he loves so much.

Who wants to play egg volleyball?

Who wants to play egg volleyball?

-Spring is IN the air! Perhaps the best part of the house we’re leaving is the back deck. This week and last, the deck has hosted many a spring love session. There were squirrels “wrestling” last week that Drew pointed out to the kids. “Squirrel wrestling?! I love it when they do that!” Eli said. Today, there are two birds necking (literally!) and offering “piggy back rides” on the deck railing. I’m happy to host procreation…Get it ON my nature friends.

ON that note, I’m saying goodbye from 5408 and will write again from 4501.



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