Memorial Day Weekend Hash

A “hash” is a culinary dish comprised of a slew of ingredients in a tossed together, baked for flavor and texture maturation, yummy sort of way. In the Paleo/Clean Eating world, I’ve come to enjoy a Tex-Mex breakfast Hash and a Sweet Potato/Green Apple Hash. You gather the ingredients, cut, chop, spice and mix. It’s layery and mixy and comes out delish.

Today, I’m taking the blog into the kitchen, but not really.

Here’s my recipe for an excellent Memorial Day Weekend Hash- the ingredients and mixing instructions to cook up a really great holiday weekend in May.

This past weekend was our 3rd such weekend in 3 years, so I feel I will not lead you astray.

Feel very free to nuance the following to your own tastes.


  • family (immediate, extended, and best of all- someone you love who has come from out of town- this year, we had our Maama)
  • friends (any! many! or few!)
  • some planned things, some space for spontaneity¬†(loved having Sollars (sans Dustin) over for spontaneous Friday night dinner on our deck!)
  • equal parts tradition and trying something new (this goes for both the food/drinks consumed and activities planned)
  • a challenging bit of physical fitness (bike, hike, enter a race, or our style: complete the Crossfit Hero WOD: Murph)
  • pool time
  • grilled goodies– brats, dogs, burgers, veggies
  • eating outside
  • watermelon– cut up and cold
  • some time to get something done around your house– with a set stopping point to enjoy the 3 activities listed just above
  • a patriotic pause– engaging in the meaning of the day- to remember, thank, and honor those who have and continue to serve.
  • rest and relaxation

Compile all ingredients. Mix together over 3 days- Friday-Sunday. Enjoy every bit.


Fireworks at Celebration at the Station- patriotic pause, tradition…simply awesome.

We went to church on Sunday which covered family, friends, and traditions. Oakley climbed atop the sign for the first time- something new.

We went to church on Sunday which covered family, friends, and traditions. Oakley climbed atop the sign for the first time- something new.

photo 5 (4)

Something new, family, relaxation: We took our kids to Celebration at the Station this year. Here’s E at the instrument petting zoo.

photo 3 (13)

Celebration at the Station continued: Traditional food- pulled pork and orzo salad- Laura is an amazing hostess at this event! New additions of Mom and Jim and Jan who each added fun and good food to the party!

photo 4 (10)

Andi spent the first night of the weekend with our new neighbor, 12 year old Maya who can play the flute. New friends, spontaneous flute concert. Good times.

photo 2 (13)

Oaks climbed the stairs of the lawn at the Liberty Memorial (physical fitness pursuit) and ate his watermelon, pork and “chips” -his new favorite word!- outside at the Celebration. He was totally engaged and happy the whole time after enjoying a 4 hour nap (rest…check!)

photo 1 (12)

Family visits and snuggles. Oakley’s first fireworks. On Maama’s lap. Laura’s baby enjoyed them as well- on the inside!


The movie shows Andi riding her bike on 2 wheels! Her spontaneous, physical fitness challenge of something brand new! Way to go balanced Sister Soo!


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