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I don’t mean to allude or suggest that I struggle with actual insanity. However, I do feel like I “lose it” from time to time,

teeter off the edge of calm and cool into the abyss of stress and angst, and as previously mentioned, I let little things get me, overwhelm me, disorient and distract me, and on the worst of days, defeat me.

Andi and I are saying, “Beat Defeat! Hold Hope!” this summer as mantra for us both- we’re reminding each other that neither tangled swimming suit straps (Andi) or spilled grease cans (Linds) will win- we will win, have fun, move on, and not melt down.

To let you in even further, invitation accepted?, to the conversations I have in my head, I often have to tell myself, “This is not a big deal…It’s just”…OR…”It’s ok”…OR…”They are little kids.” As a result of these chats with myself, I have some coping mechanisms to avoid small stuff sweating.

1. Lots of pairs of scissors

2. Lots of rolls of scotch tape

Yep, that’s all it takes.

Having scissors in my bedroom for the removal of tags, tape in Andi’s room because she loves to tape “bandaids” on Barbies, scissors in the kitchen for meat, scissors in the kitchen for crafts, scissors in the garage for tomato stake ties, tape on every level for projects and kids with new ideas.

I used to get really angry if I couldn’t find my blue scissors. Then I just bought two more pairs of scissors- problem completely solved, anger and angst gone! I used to stress out if the kids took the tape from the kitchen drawer and didn’t bring it back, if Oakley grabbed the tape and pulled out 5 yards, or if Andi stuck all the pieces I tore off to each other instead of a present. Now, I just buy lots of rolls at a time and think, “If Oakley finds it, uses gobs of it, and it’s all gone… Scotch tape is cheap! We have lots!”

The latest use of plenty of scotch tape and multiple pairs of scissors is the cardboard ARCADE in our basement bonus room! Eli, Andi and neighbor Will started construction one rainy day last week and the arcade officially opened this weekend! Just in time for weekend visitors, Grandpa and Judy, and Laura’s birthday party guests Saturday night- more family!

The sign over the entrance

The sign over the entrance

The arcade has been a jackpot of creativity, team work, and family fun. The arcade has been a jackpot of sibling squabbles, Eli’s imagination making demands that just aren’t possible but still make me feel horrible for saying “NO”,and a bit of stress just because there’s a big mess and lots of crazy kid energy in my basement. Mostly however, it’s awesome. There are 6 games (bean bag toss, plinko, football throw, soccer shoot, basketball “pop-a-shot”, and the claw machine. You can (and the kids would LOVE for you to!) come and buy unlimited plays with a $1 fun pass! (We just got back from buying prizes for ticket redemption- it’s really ready. Please come by!)

The other coping mechanism I have as of now, is SPACE. Our new house can hold so much more than the old one. The space removes stress- there is a whole room downstairs that can contain the cardboard arcade construction, and there’s space to leave it up indefinitely!

Saturday night, the space of our new house held a party that brought together a mix of families. The space held relational reunion, introductions, celebrations, the energy of children, conversation among adults, and a feast of food. People could move to different locations for a new play mate or conversation. There were many places to sit, stand, tour, play, gather dishes, and open presents. At multiple times during the night, I said aloud, “This is so great. Our house can hold all these people, all these emotions, all of this event.”

Sanity can show up or stay put quite simplyphoto 1 (13)photo 4 (11)photo 5 (5)

Football toss- this is a tough one folks.

Football toss- this is a tough one folks.

. I’m grateful for my tools-

Bean  bag toss

Bean bag toss


photo 1 (14)small and cheap, big and blessed.


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