Short and Sweet

Inspired by Seth Godin in his poignant brevity- here’s my attempt at being brief and still marking a moment.

Balloons on a porch: For the second time in her life, Andi was greeted with balloons tied to our porch in her honor. This summer’s balloons were to wish her luck swimming in her relay race as a swim team alternate at conference. Seeing the poster and balloons moved me…someone else was cheering Andi on, honoring her efforts, wishing her success. The only other time she’s had porch balloons was to welcome her into the world- her grandma and brother waiting on the porch as we drove home from the hospital. We were ready to cheer her on, wishing her life and Signagesuccess.


A packed church pew: I looked around last week at church to see some pews packed full of folks and other pews quite empty. I was sitting in a packed pew myself- choosing to squeeze in so we could sit with some of our family and near our friends. It was worth it to sit close, community without the chance for much talking. The squish worth the connection.

Lost and found: This week a camera my inlaws lost in St. Louis was returned. The QT employee who found it, waited for someone to claim it. When they didn’t, he looked for clues in pictures and found Oakley’s baptism certificate. Googling from there, he found my blog, his girlfriend messaged me on Facebook and we connected to get the camera returned!

Love: “Love keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinthians 13:5). Does love also keep no record of being right? I want transformation, by Love and because of love, in both.



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