Ideas Taking Turns

Today is the last day of an even year. I really like even years and this one has been epic like many others. I got a niece, news of an Osborne nephew in May, and another Sustad cousin in June! Expanding family plus celebrating my 10 year anniversary, a Royal’s post season, and moments of magic with my kids?! A year of grandeur indeed.

While there is much to look forward to in 2015, I’m having a hard day letting go…moving on.

I’ve been thinking of ways to shape the new year, rhythms to establish, ways to be, postures to hold, and errors to erase. 

Nothing is set in stone and the hours wane.

On the way to drop Andi off to a playdate today, we talked about what good friends do and say. Taking turns on who gets to choose what to do has been a playdate conundrum this break so I said, “Take turns with your ideas today, if she has an idea of what she wants to do…” and Andi interjected, “We’ll do her idea first and then my idea…”

Take turns with my ideas…make space for the ideas of others. That could be a practice I practice this new year…

And also, what I’ve mused about today…

Lindsey Osborne 2015: MIND and MOUTH. 

MIND: I want to be fully present mentally in one place at a time. I need this on phone calls and with my children most of all.

MOUTH: Yes, putting in clean and health-full food in my mouth, but mostly I mean, saying fewer negative things. I want to speak to encourage, cheer, and bless…and also to say, LESS! Keeping my mouth shut more often than in 2014- that’s a thing I will work towards.

To set them forth in writing intimidates, but grace abounds, filling up the weak me and offering new starts after failed days. Mercies are new every morning and every day is a gift. I have a great life and I want to live it as a gift I receive and can give this next year.

Here’s to looking back and hoping forward.

Happy New Year.

*There are 12 letters in “Happy New Year” so Andi and I made a month-themed sign for our party that starts now! Look close if you can!



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