Wrapping up and Unraveling


Our awesome spring bush in beautiful bloom!

Spring brings new in all sorts of ways. For me right now, some things have been wrapped up, tied off, concluded with gusto. Other things, previously held together nicely, have begun to fall apart, slowly, bit by bit, as a minor annoyance.

First, what’s falling apart:

  • Our library honor roll. We have missing books. My normal routine is to just renew a book coming due that elludes us at home. I’ve maxed out the returns on a Geronimo Stilton book that has been missing since February. It’s still missing. In a completely new fashion, I got an email last week that we returned one of our personal books to the library. In the heap of books the kids collected and stuffed into a bag that I then drove to the library and tossed into the return bin, we all missed that one of our own books was in the group! Bless the library for catching our mistake.


  • I suppose the other unraveling is out of my control. It’s the Royals. First they fought and then they started losing! Knowing the perfect 7-0 start to the season wouldn’t last forever, I was still unsettled by the brawls, players knocked out with injuries or ejections and suspensions, and a lack of runs scored at our fun family outing to the K  on April 22nd (they scored ZERO! runs), and questions to their team morality.

The list affirms I do not have real problems in my life. These small inconveniences remind me once again that it’s not worth getting upset about things that will be over soon, are not real problems, and that cannot be fixed but can be finished and forgotten.

Wrapping up…

-April! We finished April! It felt like one of the longest months despite it’s lack of a 31st day.

There were:

  • 15 busy days of tax season work for Drew,
  • an Easter holiday,
  • batting practices for Eli, gymnastics Saturdays for Andi,
  • 2 days of school volunteer work for me in their classrooms,
  • one wedding for a friend,
  • 8 days of traveling for me,
  • 15 Crossfit classes coached (and hopefully that many workouts worked-out!),
  • and 95 12-page papers graded by April 30th.

Always knowing that the spring is busy for our family, this year in particular, I became aware of the necessity to set it apart as a season and procure some protection. I must say “No” or “Not now” to some events, people, and invitations that come in the window of March 1st- April 15th. Hopefully this awareness will protect family sanity and health, allow me to give myself fully to what matters most and support Drew as he does his best work.

  • We’ve come to May, the end of the school year. Eli and Andi are wrapping up 2nd and 1st grade at their new school which now feels familiar and fun. New friends, new knowledge, and the bright light of summer at the end of the school tunnel. Amen!


  • I’ve finished some good books I’ll recommend to you for the struggles and spirit they document and invoke.
  1. All the Light We Cannot See Product Details
  2. Tattoos on the Heart 
  3. Wild. 

For all that unravels and wraps up, I am reminded that I’m held together by the one who was there before there was time and holds the moments from the mountains to the valleys in reality of great love and a trajectory towards peace.

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