Cloth Napkins and Happy Birthday Carol

The only way to follow up a long blog about an unbelievable journey through the World Series that ended in a Royals WIN, is obviously to write about cloth napkins and my good friend Carol.

Carol is one of my best friends and a Missouri foundation of support and love. I come to Carol for friendship, love, wisdom, support, ideas, help, and advice. Carol comes to me with love, help, smiles, faithful blog readership, and bagels, books, gifts, and Sonic for my children.

Carol thinks of others more than she thinks of herself and is always willing to help. I have received so much from Carol, its now one of my favorite things to be asked to help her in some small way. Carol came into my life to offer transactional babysitting and became a best friend. Over the past almost decade, we’ve walked many miles, drank much wine, prayed many prayers, sunned by many pools, listened and talked for countless hours, and grown up a little bit ,the both of us. Happy Birthday Carol.elijah with graves girls

One more thing about Carol- she uses cloth napkins too.

There are a few things I’ve done my whole marriage long: enjoyed Drew as my favorite everything, and used cloth napkins.

We learned about cloth napkins through our good friend Binny who used them for every meal, and then threw them on the wooden stairs leading up to her second floor laundry. I love the memories of nights we shared around their table, napkins on my lap during Chief’s party afternoons, and that pretty pile of used napkins on her steps.

I got some napkins for my wedding but have bought most myself. Most of my napkins are 10 years old now and receive daily use. I’ve started to collect some seasonal ones and made some (with Binny’s help) for my sisters and mom a few Christmas’ ago.

I love them for how sturdy they are, how comfortable they are to use on our mouths, hands, and laps and how little waste they create. I don’t mind the washing and folding of them at all. In fact, I’m minding it less and less as Andi becomes more and more adept at folding herself!

My recent appreciation of my cloth napkins came when I packed a picnic for Oakley and me a few weeks ago. I packed two cloth


napkins which we used as a “plate/tablecloth” on the rock and as a napkin. It was easy to pack in and pack out. I was already using a cloth lunch bag and Tupperware. so the lunch was completely trash free, in addition to Oaks and me being comfortable with our cloth in the great outdoors.

For what its worth, I recommend them. Perhaps you’ll consider them for your Thanksgiving table or Christmas wish list!

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