COVID-19, Stay Home KC, Week 2

Week 2 at home is in the books.

We got a little creative and projecty in week 2.

  • Andi and parents painted her room a lovely shade of pinky-white
  • Eli bought 16 different parts and built his own scooter 
  • We borrowed some toys built an awesome Play-Mobil neighborhood
  • Oaks unbuilt and rebuilt a huge Lego Mech
  • We played 4-square in the street for recess
  • Eli made a sign for Bobby’s bday and did a drive-by parade party
  • We did a Wyldlife Egg drop off at doors of kids we are glad to know and reach out towards
  • And we dug and hauled and planted because….
    • If you give your yard a trampoline in November, you might still be working on install in April….The kids dug dirt to avoid bottoming out on the low side. Then we moved the dirt around the yard and realized we could fill stump holes and plant grass seed. And if you plant seed, you’ll realize it’s now time to replant the hostas we dug up from the garden now covered by the trampoline. And if you’re out there watering hostas and new grass seed, your kids are going to invite you to jump on the trampoline you bought in November. And if your kids invite you to jump with them, you say yes at least once a week, cherishing the time they want to spend with you.

And then because we were channeling Top Chef, 

Or because we were channeling Little House on the Prarie, 

  • We started messing around with a sourdough starter and making crumpets and biscuits (a project every 12 hours!) 
  • and we made veggie stock (slowly boiled old veggie scraps for over 12 hours!),
  • and we made black beans from dried black beans (they soaked for 12 hours and then did some low boiling for 3!)

At one point I dissolved into giggles on the kitchen floor…we were in pretty deep. The smells! The dishes! The partnering with Drew 🙂  Oh, and we should probably also make dinner.

Alas, we were amazed and grateful for the gifts we were given.

Those hostas are from Castaway, Binny and Bill Pearce, and Angie our neighbor.

The sourdough is from James and Laura who have been very faithful to being on call all weekend for questions.

We were given grace to connect with others and play games over Zoom Friday night for Nat’s birthday and Saturday with friends. Our kids watched Hook and Oaks’ enjoyment was evident on his sweet smiling face.

Now it’s Holy Week and the weather will get into the 80s mid-week.

Perhaps with fewer projects, we will let prayers and play direct us to deeper connections with Christ. What an odd Easter.

We will seek perspective and community following Jesus on the journey through victorious welcome, to paradigm-shifting dinner, into agonizing garden wrestling, humiliating subjection unto death, bewildering waiting and wondering, and finally, reality-altering resurrection.


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