COVID-19, Stay Home KC Week 4

We’ve had our puppy Camper for almost 3 years! We look forward to celebrating his big #3 on June 4th. This week however, when I saw Camper all cuddled up in his brown bed, laid out flat in the sunshine on the family room carpet, and seriously sprawled out in the grass, it hit me that he has it pretty good. Then I thought, “Wait a second, so do I…”

How My Quarantine is like Camper’s Everyday

-I feel like laying down and sleeping more than usual

– I get really excited to see the same “people” (it’s just Drew) come back into the house each day.

– We eat more of the same foods over and over and do indeed hover over the empty bowls wondering when it’s time to eat again.

– We bark at, er I mean, back away from people at the front door.

-I don’t go for car rides, or drives.

– Home is where I do all my activities all day. Plus the backyard.

– I really have taken to walks. Longer and longer routes around the neighborhood are highlights of entertainment and socializing.

-I seek out the sunshine on cold mornings and move my body to soak some up in whatever room has it.

Because Camper is the most Christ-like character in our house most days, there is an invitation for me to learn to be even more like him. I think I could stand to rest more, say less, never bark at my own family, and listen with my head at a tilt and love in my eyes.

In other news, the kids were relentless this week. 

  1. Eli was relentless with energy to talk about, ride on, watch videos of, and tinker with scooters. 
  2. Andi was relentless with reading! She consumed nine books. When we couldn’t find her, she was reading. 
  3. Oakley was relentless with attention for building and playing with Lego. He built a brand new Iron Man set he bought and played literally everywhere in our house- even the bathtub.

Camper was not relentless- read above. He’s mostly just flexible and sleepy.

Finally, we watched more Task Master episodes and created our own family tasks at home. We celebrated more April birthdays for some really special people (Granddad, Maama, and Kiley) and Zoomed through work and Wyldlife.

Easter Us.

Calls and such with Maama. We love you!




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