COVID-19, Stay Home KC Week 6

Week 6 of being home brought us the chance for a creative, surprising, and super special quarantine birthday for our super sweet Andi. Andi turned 12 and we had a really meaningful, memorable day to mark her moment.

April 29th, 2020

8:30am- Andi was not surprised to see PopTarts on the You Are Special Today plate at her seat. She WAS surprised to see the massive sign set up in the yard!

12pm- Lunch on the deck with homemade rolls dropped off by GG and Chick-Fil-A nugget catering brought home by Dad. We had Bruces on their half and Osborne’s on the other and blew the candles out inside. Wind!- a guarantee on Andi’s bday.

After an enjoyable afternoon of school work, new presents (cute clothes, diamond painting kit, soap making kit), and Fortnite…

4pm- We had a surprise drive-by birthday parade. So many signs. So many sweet people who honked and even played Happy Birthday on guitar, in their mini van, (#James), and drove from midtown (#Jacob’s Well leaders who love Andi), and 2 pregnant people! There were beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries and sweet distanced time with great people.

6:30pm- Swedish pancakes with Nutella!

7:00pm- Andi’s Candies Bar- the brothers got to fill 2 bags!

7:30pm- Virtual Escape Game-ish puzzle.

And all the way through, Andi was invested in the people, grateful for the surprises, enjoyable as a birthday girl, and a completely personable and intentionally grateful girl.


In other news of last week, Oaks has a whole aisle of Lego boxes to peruse in his room and is finding ways to build, create, and play for hours and hours each day. And we’re talking Jane Goodall, tree types, plane shapes, and handwriting of course.

Eli did a week without film. He loves tricks and loves sharing them with the world. They are amazingly cool looking and showcase skills like air-awareness, a tight tuck, and complete obsession with scooters. He has lots of fun footage or not with his flips, spins, jumps, rides and scoots.

We did a 12 mile bike ride at Smithville Lake on Tuesday. We are listening to A Wrinkle in Time with a mix of interest. We watched Little Women from 1994 and Hook. We watched Late Night andAnt Man and the Wasp(without the kids) We watched a new remake of The Pilgrims Progress and loved our afternoon of old AFV.

Digging deep into the tedium and the discouragement at times. Other times, loving the invitation to enjoy the difference of these days for all the joy, privilege, and blessing they bring.

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