Musings at a Decade Change

 Drew worked the hardest to give me a really special and very fun 40th birthday. Thanks to many for the kind words that made my leaf bouquet so special. I had a great day on my actually 40th birthday mostly relaxing and reminiscing on Wednesday- I connected with lots of family and my kids made me feel very special.
Then, we did a weekend away at a boutique hotel this past weekend. Just Drew and me Friday night and then my sister and her husband joined Saturday afternoon. It was perfect- lots of outside time, pool, relaxation, fun, good food, finished a novel, saw a sunset, felt like I was a million miles away and only had to drive 40 minutes! I am very grateful the pandemic changed the plans…seems like this was just what I wanted.
Since I’m keen on looking back, taking full advantage of the right now, and dabble occasionally in dreams submit this list of the ways I’ve built my life so far.
A few life rules of Lindsey…because of, practiced with, sustained by, and learned from: God, my parents, Drew Osborne, my in-laws, my sibling friends, and connected community of friends past, present and future:
Say thank you.
Go outside.
Give respect.
Be kind.
Wear a helmet.
Apologize genuinely.
Forgive earnestly.
Do hard things.
Sit at sunsets.
Let Jesus love you.
Worship God.
Take vacations.
Get naked.
Help when you can without being asked.
Be honest.
Let other people be honest to you.
Choose Joy.
Gratitude is a choice that changes your life.
Use less plastic.
Be curious, not judgmental.
I’ll stop there and get back to my carrot cake birthday leftovers and snuggle with the ones who have loved me despite many occasions of not following my own rules.
Here’s to being free, 40, and willing to grow…

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