Sounds of Swimming

Summer=Swimming for us Osbornes- well at least Eli, Andi, Oaks and me. Drew has that pesky day job…Ha.

We are in rare form this year and have only taken to the pool 5 times in the four weeks of pool season. Factors influencing our aquatic absence:

-we have a baby with sensitive, brand new skin who takes two naps a day.

-there was the awesome Q and E wedding in Chicago and the 5 days out of town-  but, we did partake in indoor swimming there. Props to the Westin.

-mostly, this summer has hosted unusually cool temps and a lack of sunshine for 10 of the 28 eligible swim days!

Saturday, I sneaked away for an hour of lap swimming (12 mins) and time ALONE with my book (48 mins). A poolside read/relax/chat is up there on my top 5 list of all time favorite things to do. Can a hobby or “interest” be that specific?

As I sat sweating and reading, I was mostly in my own world- oblivious to the crowd of the pool behind me. I had in fact turned around my chair for better sun and less distraction. Then, the sounds of pool started seeping into my consciousness. I heard a dad addressing his kids and craned my neck to the left to take in the scene.

I saw a group of 4 kids huddled around the hose the lifeguards had slid into the pool for the slow process of maintaining 10,000 gallons of pool water to accurate depths of 4- 12 ft. There was a 5 year old in a life-jacket for a 20 year old on a jet-ski. The red foamy vest with 4 sturdy black buckles was up around his ears- the shoulder form filled with free space above the water, his ears catching the top of the arm holes, and his small arms pulled up to his ears by the bottom of aforementioned adult arm hole. He floated with this assistance in the vertical bobbing position without much change in pool position. The older siblings shrieked and screamed as the bold and strong older sister wielded the hose and sprayed her other sister and an addition brother. The loved it for all of 1 minute until the dad intervened on the lackadaisical lifeguards behalf and said the hose should stay in the pool. I’m usually a rule follower but felt my heart sadden at the end of their fun- “Come on Dad, the hose is still filling up the pool- just taking a short detour down the bodies of kids who love and hate the shockingly cold spray all at the same time.”

Other sounds of swimming…

-Silence- on the days when no one is there except the lone lifeguard because its almost September and it’s not warm outside or in the water fun to splash and play- only¬† to swim laps.

-Sighs- of lifeguards who wish kids would walk, teenagers would stay away, and moms with kids would have stayed home so they didn’t have to come out of their hut and actually work that afternoon.

-Shrill shrieks– girls and boys alike who feel complete freedom of voice and joy in the awesome outdoor setting of a huge and loud swimming pool

-Screams– kids flying through the air from the arms of parents

-Shots- watergun sprays menacing unsuspecting targets

-“Stop it!”s – yelled by moms with waning patience

Splashes- hands whacking water- coming from anyone from baby to grandma- on the shallow steps or in the 12 foot part of the lap lane- splashing splaying water to keep one afloat, to thrill one just learning about water, or to annihilate one’s brother…with force…to the face.

-Snootiness- the grumpy bikinis who only want a quiet, serene, adult, poolside experience

-Snacking- out of nutritional necessity or just to get through the 10 agonizing minutes of adult swim.

Sounds like summer. Sounds like fun.

PS- Right up there with my love of swimming is my love of alliteration.




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