Birthday Blog- #33


Today is August 5, 2013

this is the most current pic I could find. Captures a great moment- my friend Lauren's wedding shower with Andi girl all dressed up and feeling special to have been invited!

this is the most current pic I could find. Captures a great moment- my friend Lauren’s wedding shower with Andi girl all dressed up and feeling special to have been invited!

I have a comprehensive Castaway recap blog waiting in the wings- it’s lost in the old computer crash/new computer confusion echelon- but today  we’ll just carpe diem and indulge the opportunity to mark a birthday moment.

My sister Natalie said this morning I love themes- she’s right. As much as I’m tempted to make this a list of 33 “somethings” (things I know, things I love, memories of my life, things I should change about myself this year, flavors of ice cream I enjoy, thoughts I have one way or the other about whether or not to have a 4th child, ways I love and cherish my blessings, etc…) I think I’ll just write…regular ole paragraphs. No short lists for you all today…It’s my birthday…

By most estimations, Jesus was around 33 when he turned towards Jerusalem- a trek that took him towards momentary and subversive exaltation and then public, brutal and catastrophic crucifixion. At 33, Jesus had reached the height of his teaching career, had assumed a leadership role and deployed faithful and teachable followers, and was having conversations and dinner parties that changed people’s lives.  I can’t help but feel some camaraderie with Jesus today and can only hope I live into my roles as teacher, leader, family member, and Kingdom citizen this year- obviously, I’d  prefer to skip the dying part.

I hope this year holds: growth, maturation, and a deeper understanding of what God has for me to do. I want to continue to be transformed by learning, by turning towards justice and empathy out of my positions of comfort and privilege, and want to care deeply for the people God has given me- in the core or around the circumference of my life. I look forward to some celebrations, journeys, (Drew and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage this year!!! Can’t wait to celebrate and travel for that one!), challenging and life-changing conversations, and having many a dinner party. A few of my favorite things are: food, people I love, and rituals (in the sense of bringing intentionality, focus, and a bit of the sacred into an ordinary experience). A dinner party (outdoors preferably) combines so many favorites in an enjoyable and tasty way.

The other thematic and perhaps slightly corny way I’m thinking of 33 today is in terms of dollars and cents. When things are 3 for $1, the closest and easiest estimation is that each item costs 33 cents. So 33 is, in some mathematical way, a third of a whole…right? (It’s my birthday and I do NOT want to do math). I feel like there are some important thirds in my life that I hope to study, invest in, take care of and steward this year.

Most obviously, my three children. Each child holds their place as one third of the whole that is our brood, our offspring, our collective “kiddos.” They are gifts, they are the most trying force on my patience, and they are the most intense, incredible, and important way I spend my time. They delight, amaze, surprise, and bless me.  I sat and took in the weight of it all last week. I love being mom and it’s the hardest thing I do- physically and mentally- most days. I mess up everyday and depend on grace to escape/erase the guilt and go to bed each night. I have fun with my kids and Drew when we are together as a family and I have fun leaving them and hanging out with Drew alone. As a 33 year old mom, I hope to value each of them as a unique and precious part of the whole. I hope to enjoy and invest in them together and separately. This year, Andi will go to kindergarten, Oakley will learn to walk and talk, and Eli will learn harder math, read longer books, and lose more teeth. I can’t wait. They are great!

Related, is my vocational life and the triple focus of how I live as a “productive” adult. I work for Young Life, I coach crossfit at Crossfit Northland, and I parent. The time and pay for each is far from an equal 33 percent, but I do feel the three foci add up to form the collective whole of my life priorities, positions, and efforts. Faith, fitness, and family are for sure the big three things I “do”. I love that ministry is my vocation and feel called to the written, oral, and incarnational proclamation of the Good News. I love Crossfit and the opportunity to push past thresholds and break inefficient and unhelpful habits in my health-life, as well as help others reach their fitness goals. I love exercise and being active with my family and for fun! Being a mom/parent/wife/sister/daughter/in-law/niece/cousin/granddaughter and friend to folks who feel like family, is a high calling, provides me with fun and support, and is what makes me a better me.

It’s going to be a great year. It’s already started off swimmingly- I swam in my sweat this morning for a fun WOD at the gym that included a back squat PR! I’m going to the pool by myself to swim 33 laps and read for at least 33 minutes, and then having a small family dinner party round a pool that Drew is coordinating for me this evening. Eli built me a birthday OK-GO (marble chain reaction), Andi colored me a birthday princess castle, and Oakley is giving me an over 2 hour birthday nap that has allowed me to write all of this!

I’m 33 ways of happy and grateful. Yay for today.




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