Life on the Edge

I looked it up this morning….

Precipice by definition is:

1. An overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff.
2. The brink of a dangerous or disastrous situation
So that doesn’t really describe what I’m seeing and living right now. Perhaps a different term.
“brink” is: The point at which something is likely to begin; the verge
“edge” by definition 3. c. is  very similar to “brink”: The point at which something is likely to begin. 
What I mean to say is that life at our house seems to be pushing and pulsing towards change. Namely, for 3 of the 5.
Andi is on the brink of being able to read. She has progressed quickly passed last years sight-word frustrations and is now confidently sounding out, phonic by phonic, words of ever more complex books. What shows me that she’s really about to take off, to head over the edge, and into the wide, wide, world of literacy (which is kind of a precipice in the excitement and world-opening opportunities it offers, but not at all disastrous!), is that she’s just now reading things that are NOT books. She has sounded out flavors of tea, headlines of the newspapers, words on tags of clothes, and crayon color descriptions. I am proud of Andi and excited to see her risking, pushing, and investing herself in the work that it takes to stand on the edge. With all the climb behind her, she should enjoy the leap and the chapter books. .
Oakley is on the brink of walking! He has sneakily taken a few solo steps over the past 3 days. He surprises himself and us by putting one short leg and tiny foot in front of the other, instead of dropping straight down onto diapered butt and crawling to the next destination. I’m very comfortable NOT rushing walking. Most of me doesn’t want him to become increasingly less-baby, and yet when he’s taken those tentative toddles, I’ve cheered! One cannot help celebrating someone stepping out (literally!) into something so brand new, so challenging and scary,potentially dangerous, so life-altering and different. Change and risk and new things are tough. Babies develop so rapidly and markedly in their early months…we should all stand in awe. Three cheers for bold, brave, brink-surpassing babies!
When Oakley walks and Andi reads, life will change. We will walk in new rhythms. For one, it requires me to read aloud with more integrity- no skipping lines of poorly written Barbi books, Andi will be following along, calling me out! Oakley will remind me that the bathroom door, trash-can cabinet, and dishwasher racks should be consistently shuttered. He will also get to enjoy crunching leaves, smashing down snow, and “running” out the door  with his siblings. Change provides opportunities never before accessible. I celebrate, and  suppose a bit reluctantly, release, Oakley to the wide world of walking.
Drew is on the brink of taking a big test. He takes the Certified Financial Planner’s exam this Friday and Saturday. Indeed- the edge feels steep and daunting. The test is difficult and comprehensive. He has dutifully studied and prepared and we hope the leap off the studying edge, into the test taking tank is filled with precise mental capability, memory retention, and calm nerves. I am confident in Drew’s ability to take this test well and support him in this educational and professional pursuit.
Eli and I stand steady. Walking in what we know and working out what we need to do to grow.
May you enjoy today…on the edge, in the valley, along the mountain top, or at your desk.

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