Overheard on Spring Break

Today is back to school and real life day for Eli, Andi, Oaks and me. I flew in this morning from a retreat in Chicago that stacked upon our return from 5 days in Colorado. Drew has been back to work for a whole week now. No rest for the tax weary!

Our time in Colorado this year was momentous and relaxing both.

Here are the sound bites: 


I’m sending you an email about two offers. – Judy, our Realtor on the phone Saturday. Indeed, when we came off the slopes, one week after we put the sign in our yard, we had an offer on our house! We would negotiate throughout the weekend and finalize and accept an offer by Monday! We couldn’t have asked for better timing as showings would end by the time we brought ourselves and our stuff back to Missouri!



Andi did you hear that… Someone wants to buy our house.- Eli. The kids processed together and with us. They are bravely moving forward. I wonder what they think and feel and hope to give space to their emotions, thoughts, fears, and dreams.

I have nothing to hide but admit I was avoiding hard conversations. -My dad. About the news that he is getting married March 29th. The transitions keep coming and we will rely on honesty, family connections, and trust in Christ’s presence moving forward.
That’s amazing! -And it looks so real! – Eli to Andi about her drawing of a farmA super genuine compliment of her great drawing!

That was my first for real face plant. I was just on the lift and then, total face plant.  And, Mom- you can write about that on your blog.-  Eli describing his fall from the lift. He loaded with James but scooted too close to the chairs edge. He fell about 6 feet into deep snow shocking his family and the rest of the lift line. Both skis came off and Eli said his face has never been colder. Thank goodness for nimble and strong lift operators schooled in beginner lift rescues and for Eli’s toughness! Thanks for the permission to tell your story Eli!

I have diarrhea. -Everyone! Except Drew. Sickness ran through the house and family. Poor Oaks had it very severely with vomiting all day on Tuesday in Colorado. Poor brave baby!

I just threw up but it’s all in a trash can. Andi, during her sick day Tuesday afternoon.

Mom, can I have a piece of paper? –Eli to make a get well sign for Andi who had previously made one for both of her sick brothers. This was huge coming from Eli- he doesn’t slow down for art or handwriting hardly ever. He thought of her sick up in bed that afternoon and gave of himself in a way she would feel really loved!

It’s hard to get him to talking.  -Eli about us trying to get Oakley to say words. Oakley can say about 20 when he wants to!

I just love Chandler. Andi, who enjoys Maama’s house for many reasons but especially for the daily dog interactions!

This is the coldest craziest day of skiing!- My dad, who was absolutely correct! The sky changed from sun to sleet to blustery winds all day on Saturday

Wahooooo – Drew and I each after catching good lines and making epic mogul runs!

This is a handsome boy. -Andi handing me the DVD case for 8 Below.  I agree with her completely but didn’t break the news that Paul Walker has tragically died in the last year.

Okay, let’s go. -My mom who boldly loaded into the van with the kids and me to head back to Kansas City. Despite feeling ill herself, she cared for me and the kids and helped get us safely home. She then stayed to play and help while I left again and Drew worked! It was one of Andi’s highlights as she reported at school today about Spring Break, “I went to Colorado for 5 days and then my grandma, who is named Maama, came back with me for 3 days.”

Some favorite Chicago friends!

Some favorite Chicago friends!

The weekend in Chicago was a wonderful time of connection, rest, and encouragement. I loved being with wonderful YL staff women and spending a day with the Hersmas!

So now we hunker down and house hunt. We will pack up our life at 5408 and move out and on in 30 days. Where? We have no idea!

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