Setting out for Summer

We’ve had a soggy start to summer with rain making our grass grow green and our baseball games (tonight) postponed for later play. IMG_4707

No matter the weather, this past Friday opened up my heart and schedule for my new favorite time of year: summer! Without school and with siblings together, with weddings, and new cousins being born, the summer 2015 is sure to be a good one. Kicking off right with a visit from Aunt Nat and Uncle John started the first of many memory making moments.

As we set out to summer…

  • We look back in gratitude.

Both of the teachers Eli and Andi had at school this year were wonderful.

Mrs. Spence gave Eli the space to use his energy and expand his mind all the while caring deeply about him. She was creative and patient in how she taught day after day.

Miss Culver had unbounded energy and excitement that gave Andi the confidence to grow as a reader and friend. She was attentive to details and always ready to party!

Lately, when my own kids have quirks, or are momentarily, but brutally, annoying with their silliness, I’ve stopped to close my eyes and tried to multiply my amount of being bothered by 22 times in order to understand their sweet teacher’s daily reality. Eeek. Shudder. Shake it off.

It’s one thing for a parent to love their kid but for someone else to truly care for and enjoy your child brings out a feeling of humble gratitude I sensed so much more this year than others.

Bless those women and may they enjoy their break! 

Back to the setting out of summer!

  • Appreciation abounds for the days Eli and Andi spent at Line Creek, learning and becoming little 7-habit conscience kids with new friends and chances to expand their minds and worlds. And yet, I’m so glad they are done! and home for over 72 days straight!
  • We will shape our days with some sort of a schedule for sanity and maximum fun and effectiveness!
  • The chalkboard in the kitchen contains our first summer brainstorm.IMG_4706


  • Here are our daily details I set forth with kid input:
JUNE- summer life before Castaway






Kids Home school day…keeping sharp! GG Days JUNE BUG here to play all day! Eli Baseball games and COVES SWIM MEETS! Neighbor play!
Team WORK Clean out Van Pull Weeds Dust and Organize Pick up Rooms really well Clean up Basement
Mom’s stuff YL girls Bible Study/Castaway Prep Platte County Admin Work Write Blog Phone calls Young Life or writing work
Every Day Stuff *30 minutes of electronic time *45 minutes of reading *75 minutes of alone room time *30 minutes or so of hard work  (see row 2) *regular jobs as needed, trash, dishwasher and laundry

What we might plan on paper will come to life in ways we cannot imagine and must fully and freely live into- with many rabbit trails worth going off plan!

I’m so ready for sunshine and siblings, swingset and swimming!

We can’t wait to meet and cuddle Baby Cousin Wilson, all new and healthy in Chicago! We’ll wait just a little longer to meet and cuddle Baby Girl Sustad- on her way, coming soon to Vancouver!

We will walk down the aisle in celebration of Melissa and Chris this weekend as they wed!

We will celebrate Laura’s big 3-0 in addition to our own summer bdays and anniversary #11!

Castaway calls us north June 25-July 18th and Colorado will host us as we host our family reunion in August.

We end summer with a beginning- Bonnie and Joshua’s wedding in Washington.

OFF WE GO! See you in the sunshine!

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