It never gets old to…

I’ve been tired lately. Busy weeks and big events and summer starting…yesterday I dragged myself to the gym. Once there, I could hardly pick up the barbell I’d loaded. I felt like laying down next to it instead for a 15 minute nap, not a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).

On the other hand, I have thought often lately, “I’ll just never get tired of that!” 

I did a 10 minute YouTube yoga workout a few weeks ago and appreciated the instructor’s reminder to put my mind into the stretch- sending intentional effort into the muscle I was attempting to manipulate. “Where your mind goes, your energy flows. he said.

How true.IMG_0637

If my mind is filled with worry and fear, my energy goes to panic or protection. When I stew in mental defeat, I lose energy to recover and revive.

IMG_4363If I can focus on gratitude, my spirit lifts, my perspective is more positive and my breathing slows.

When I can wrap my mind around making a mental change, and even in fatigue, I’ve been trying (and enjoying) sending my mind to joy and thankfulness that my energy might follow.

I’ll never get tired of: 

  • spring blossoms blooming
  • being loved by Drew
  • eating outside
  • seeing mountains early on a blue-sky morning
  • meeting new babies (I’m writing from the home of my first ever nephew…brand new Baby Wilson!)
  • seeing my kids asleep (and wanting to wake them up and play with them just then!)
  • saying Oakley’s birthday- 10-11-12
  • ending my days with Drew
  • summer schedules (see last week’s post!)
  • Castaway sunsets
  • remembering favorite memories
  • shopping with my sisters
  • grace
  • good food fixed for me
  • watching Eli, Andi, and Oakley explore, change, grow, smile, laugh, talk, ask questions, give answers


  • and much more…that I’ll think about while strolling the streets of Chicago in the sunshine with my inlaws..more good things…extended family, being outside, days away from ordinary life.

May your mind (and mine) go to the blessings and what’s best, so that your energy flows to making peace and joy in the world, living loved and holding onto hope. IMG_3606IMG_1364

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