Oaks often brings his stool over to help/see. Today he said, “Watch your toes Mama, I’m coming.”


Cousin pool day!


Eli gives June the last half of her bottle before nap #2


Oaks couldn’t wait for June to wake up and get up…so he just got in!

IF you spend a day taking care of four children (3 of my own brood and one precious niece!), THEN you’ll end up with a full brain and short blog.

IF you put a stool in your kitchen, THEN you’ll have good help.

IF you buy peaches, THEN you’ll need to go back to the store to buy vanilla ice cream. Am I right?!

IF you live in the Coves, THEN you have the gift of very mature and developed trees- gorgeous in fall splendor or spring bloom.

Our deck trees

Our deck trees- cicada stomping grounds

IF you have yards full of mature and developed trees, THEN you’ll have a huge harvest of cicadas.

Listen to their song in our yard todayCicadas


One of the 1000s

IF you have a loud cicada-landing-area as your yard, THEN you’ll get landed on by swooping cicadas. Eeeek!

castaway search…look what I found!

IF you Google Castaway Young Life camp for the address, THEN images of the property will pop up and you’ll be overwhelmed with anticipation and swooned with great memories- stopped right there in the middle of your productivity to breathe and smile.

IF you grow small leaf lettuce in your garden, THEN you’ll eat a few weed leaves, bits of dirt, and a smattering of bugs.

IF you’ve already eaten a bug or too in fresh garden salads,

Our little lettuce leaves with weeds all creepin'

Our little lettuce leaves with weeds all creepin’

THEN you’ll think the bits of basil in the store bought salad dressing, are bugs.

IF you pray and hold onto hope, THEN more kids will sign up for Young Life camp.

IF you build a swing set (or go grab one from someone’s yard like we did), THEN siblings will find each other in play and laughter- sweet summer music.

The girls

The girls

IF you stop to look around you, THEN you’ll notice the connection between decisions and outcomes and realize you cannot predict, nor would you want to, the shape of your life and the moments that make it meaningful.


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