Retreat but no respite

IMG_3673I’m heading out of town for four days of leading and hosting retreats for my Young Life job.

These are annual retreats and often the highlights of my year as a trainer. I get to spend quality and “quantity” time with my folks, learn from the conversations and other speakers, and I really do enjoy all the parts of hosting- planning meals, games, and lots of teaching.

This year, they just happen to be right on top of each other: Thursday-Friday and then Saturday-Sunday.

Alas, my head, stress capacity, “desk”, and refrigerator are full! Limit sign

Here’s a bit of what I’ll say, which is teaching me all over as I prepare to teach: 

  1. We cannot replicate what we do not live ourselves.
  2. Limits are life giving not restrictive.
  3. We are supposed to break through limits that limit us:   FEAR (“What if I fail?”)  and   FLAWS (“I’ve never been good at that so I won’t try now.” or “I’m always clumsy so they shouldn’t ask me.”)
  4. Teenagers are still under construction and need protection, advocacy, wisdom, friendship, love and prayers.
  5. Our identity is not our circumstances, it is knowing that we are image-bearing beloved children of God who are called to work alongside Jesus in Kingdom purposes with Spirit power.

Here’s to hoping the Royals wrap it up today before my retreats!

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