Watery Flanks

One of the best foods my mom fed me growing up was flank steak…which is a flat cut of quality meat. Yum. Thank you Mom.

I’m waiting for a text from my sister Laura that might say her water has broken. It’s almost baby cousin time and perhaps water breakage will be her go-time signal!

Today I read Exodus per my truant but still devout lectionary practice. The reading for the week of September 14th began with Exodus 14:19-31 Twice in the 12 verses,(verses 22 and 29) it says they passed through, “the waters forming a wall for them on their right and on their left.” They walked in redemptive rescphoto (53)ue flanked on both sides by parted waters.

I am currently a watering widow.  Our poor watering orphans have fared for themselves while we’ve been out moving sprinklers. We planted grass seed 9 days ago and are on day 9 of 15 of twice a day watering. When Drew is doing the hard and arduous work of watering, he’s absent from whatever’s going on inside for almost 30-40 minutes. Over and over this weekend, I turned to talk to him and realized he was outside.

Our walls of water, sprinklers in the front and back, are working…sweet green grass is growing. The freshness of the brand new, bright green, encourages me out of being grumpy over the time and money it costs us. The small seeds are embracing the saturation and releasing growth.

I’m writing a book (a series of downloadable e-books actually) with my aunt Tamara and the first is entitled Green Embraces. I’m just now realizing perhaps the title is coming true in my back yard. Water, hugging seeds, brings new life. Seeds, accepting the embrace, grows green.

The water walls in Exodus have stuck with me all day. Why write twice that the walls were up and down on both the right and the left? Being flanked by protection- insulation from the enemies on both sides, had to be assurance for a suffering people finally walking away from their torture.

God was generous then and continues to be. What provisions do I walked through, flanked in blessing?

What I have is two sprinklers that need to move. The watery moments continue around here and growth will ensue.

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